Enjoy sex during and after menopause

Enjoy sex during and after menopause | Durex UK

Tips for making sex more enjoyable during and after menopause


One of the symptoms of menopause is vaginal dryness, and you might notice that this can lead to uncomfortable sex.

But don’t worry, if you are experiencing it, you are not alone. The way hormones change during menopause can be totally natural; it’s just the way things happen in your body, but that doesn’t make you less of a woman!

While you may have aged physically and your hormones changed, you still have a beautiful, desirable body and a sex drive.

Having sex is really very good fun for both partner(s) but it should never be painful for either party, especially for a woman.

No woman should have to put up with painful sex no matter how demanding her partner(s) may be! The very good news is that there are things you can do to managethe symptoms and continue engaging in sex in just about the same way as before your change of life.

From visiting the doctor to investing in some quality lubricant products, in this article, we look at vaginal dryness, and then show what you can do to help minimise vaginal dryness and help you put the joy back into your sex life. Areas covered in this article are;

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Tackling vaginal dryness
  • Lubes soothe the way
  • Lube use
  • Best lubes
  • Your partner’s help
  • Continual lube use

Why is vaginal dryness common in menopause?

With menopause comes many symptoms, some openly visible, others not so much. The usually embarrassing “hot flushes” of menopausal women come immediately to mind. Other symptoms may include sleeping difficulties, moodiness, and the inevitable vaginal dryness.

The last of these is due to achange in hormones, which in turn cause thinning and drying of the vaginal walls. It’s nosurprise that a lack of lubrication in the vaginal area can oftenmake sexnot only stressful but also uncomfortable and sometimes very painful. But does this dryness make you any less desirable as a woman? Of course not!

How can you tackle vaginal dryness?

Thankfully, there are many ways to tackle vaginal dryness during sex.  First off, a visit to your doctor or gynaecologist may be recommended. They can help you to assess the areas of your life that are mostaffected anddetermine the most effective ways to treat the symptoms you are experiencing.

Oh yes, most certainly, while you are going through something as common as menopause, your symptoms may vary somewhat from those experienced by other women. Doctors who assess your symptoms might offer a treatment plan, one tailored to your personal needs. This plan may includelifestyle changes such as a change of diet, increased exercise, and various ways of reducing stress levels, together withover the counterand prescription medication (e.g., hormone replacement therapy - HRT) if needed.

Sex is better with lube

Can lubeimprove painfulsex during menopause?

There is no doubt about it, specialised vaginal lubes cancertainlyhelp ease discomfortby providing more lubrication to the vagina. And because sex can be a great stressbuster, intercourse can have a positive effect on your general mood and well-being.  

When should you use lube?

The answer is simple. Whenever you like! There are no hard and fast rules as to when or how much when it comes to lube. Less is more? No ways! More is more! As an example, think of someone who likes dancing. They’re more likely to have a great time on the dance floor if they’re wearing comfortable shoes. Sex is in a way something like that. Feeling comfortablemeans,you’re much more likely to enjoy everything, from the first kiss to the climax.

If vaginal dryness is causing you pain, applying lube can be like changing into comfortable shoes that let youmovemuch more freely and for longer.

FUN DISCLAIMER: We at DUREX cannot guarantee that you’ll dance better when using our products.

What lube should you use?

The market has a rich variety of lubricant products. But we post a word of warning here. Beware of cheap imitations which can cause internal damage and of course, check for a use-by date on the packaging. And because we are all different, it’s best to explore the typesof lubes and gels available.

These can be either water-based or silicone-based.

While one might suit your needs perfectly, another might be totally unsuitable.

So, find one that works for you and then, logically, stick to it. Durex Naturals Lubefor instance is made from completely natural ingredientsand can be used with sex toys and Durex Condoms to deliver plenty of moisture and pleasure.

Can your partner help to ease painful sex in menopause?

Menopause is a normal stage of life so vaginal dryness is nothing to be ashamed of. However, you may find it difficult to discuss this subject with your sex partner(s). But really, as the old adage goes, "a problem shared is a problem halved" so openly discussing how it makes you feel will encourage a shared exploration of the various ways tohelpmake sexmore comfortable for both of you. Talking about the sex you're having, and the sex you want to have in the future with your partner(s) is a sure way of strengthening intimacy, which in turn can improve some aspects of your relationship(s).  Any compatible and caring sexual partner(s) should want you to have the best time possible when you’re together. The more your partner(s) can do to help you feel comfortable, the better. A bonus is that when you apply lube to one another it can be a seriously hot part of foreplay. Foreplay, as we all know, is a great way of getting your natural juices flowing.   

Does menopausal dryness mean you’ll have to use lube forever?

Do you have to use lube forever once you have started using it? Is using it once the thin edge of the wedge, as it were? No, of course not! But and this is a big BUT you might find that you like the benefits of lube so much, that you’ll always have some readily within reach. Furthermore, if you look at menopause as apart of the gradual ageing process then, as an intelligent woman, you’llrealisethat as your body changes, so too do the choices you make to accommodatethosechanges.

By keeping an open mind, you’ll find that there are somany waysto make sure you’re getting the good sex you deserve. Because you enjoy sex use your knowledge (and anyextrasnecessary such as well-lubricated condoms and lubes) to have the very best time possible.

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