Are you happy with how long you last in bed? If not, there are many reasons why you might not last as long as you'd like. Don't worry, many men experience this at some point in their lives.

Luckily, Durex is here to help.
Because who wants to cut a good time short?


Durex Extended Pleasure

The Durex Extended Pleasure are condoms specifically designed and created to help him last longer in bed. Made with Performa™ lubricant to delay orgasm. Making your sex last longer and giving you the extended pleasure you are looking for.

Durex Extended Pleasure Regular Fit Condoms

Durex Mutual Climax

Face it. Some things are better when experienced together. If you’re looking to last longer in bed, and give your partner time to build to orgasm, we’ve got just what you need. Durex Mutual Climax Ribbed and Dotted condoms help increase her pleasure, while the Performa™ lubricant on the inside helps him last longer.

Durex Mutual Climax Condoms

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Durex UK Condoms Durex Extended Pleasure Regular Fit Condoms 12 pack Durex UK 12 Mutual Climax

Durex Extended Pleasure

Durex Mutual Climax

Helps you last longer in bed

Easy-on design

Silicone lubricant

Ribbed and dotted design to increase stimulation for your partner

Discrete delivery

Tried and tested

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Do these actually help him last longer in bed?

Yes, our Extended Pleasure condoms and Mutual Climax Ribbed & Dotted condoms have been specially designed to increase you and your partner’s pleasure, by helping sex to last longer.

How do Durex Extended Pleasure condoms work?

Performa™ lubricant helps him last longer, which helps you and your partner have longer-lasting sex.

How do Durex Mutual Climax condoms work?

These ribbed and dotted condoms help increase her pleasure, while the Performa™ lubricant on the inside helps him last longer. So that’s a win win for both of you!

Is delivery discreet?

Our products are always delivered in plain brown boxes without branding or a description of what’s inside. Plus, when your order is shipped, you’ll get a tracking number, so you’ll know where your package is.

Do you want to last longer in bed?

When you’re having a good time, why would you want it to stop before you’re ready? Make your sex last longer today with our Extended Performance products!